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HHC Lite - Hawaiian Punch

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Hawaiian Punch will have you thinking of your next trip to the islands or that summer you spent by the pool. Hawaiian Punch has a heavy bas

 Hawaiian Punch
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Type: Hybrid

Scent: Pineapple, coconut, mango, citrus

Effect: Calming and uplifting

HHC Quantity: 600 mg

Terpenes: 5%

Delta 9 THC%: Less than 0.2%

Volume: 2 ml

Introducing Hawaiian Punch, a delightful hybrid strain that will transport your thoughts to the beautiful islands or those memorable summers spent by the poolside. This invigorating product captures the essence of the tropics with its dominant notes of coconut and pineapple, accompanied by layers of mango and citrus. The aromatic blend creates a captivating experience, taking you on a sensory journey that evokes the spirit of relaxation and adventure.

Hawaiian Punch is carefully crafted to deliver a balanced and enjoyable effect. Its calming properties promote a sense of tranquility and peace, while the uplifting qualities uplift the spirit and enhance overall well-being. With 600 mg of HHC, this product provides a potent dose of natural goodness.

The terpene profile of Hawaiian Punch is rich and diverse, comprising 5% terpenes that contribute to its unique aroma and flavor. The carefully selected terpenes enhance the overall experience, adding depth and complexity to the tropical notes.

Rest assured that Hawaiian Punch contains less than 0.2% Delta 9 THC, ensuring a safe and compliant product that can be enjoyed without the risk of intoxication. This makes it suitable for individuals seeking a gentle and therapeutic experience.

Packaged in a convenient 2 ml volume, Hawaiian Punch is designed for ease of use and portability. Whether you’re at home or on the go, this product allows you to carry the essence of the islands with you, ready to be enjoyed whenever you desire.

Indulge in the captivating aroma and invigorating effects of Hawaiian Punch. Elevate your everyday experiences with this remarkable product, perfect for those seeking moments of relaxation, inspiration, and rejuvenation. Embrace the tropical vibes and let Hawaiian Punch transport you to paradise.