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Try the unique CanaPuff Purple Queen 40% flower blend! Use it to make salves, enjoy the natural aroma and flavor. It can reduce joint inflammation and anxiety. Be careful, not for consumption!

 Purple Queen
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Introducing HHC Flowers Purple Queen 40% - Unparalleled Quality and Refined Aroma

Experience the pinnacle of excellence with HHC Flowers Purple Queen 40%. Canapuff flowers guarantee the highest quality, boasting exceptional HHC content, and providing a truly unmatched aroma and flavor experience.

At Canapuff, we take pride in being the only ones to provide a certificate indicating the precise HHC content, so you can trust the information displayed on the packaging. We carefully select the finest quality flowers, expertly trimmed and leaf-free, to offer you only the best.

Our HHC distillate contains the highest quality and highest HHC-R compound content available on the market. This potent blend is not only rich in HHC but also contains various terpenes, resulting in an extraordinary product.


This exceptional blend is perfect for making balms or for use as a decorative item. With high levels of HHC and numerous terpenes, it comes with many benefits.


HHC: 40%

Potential effects of HHC may include:

Reduced inflammation

Increased appetite

Promotion of sleep

Relief from nausea

Alleviation of anxiety

The CanaPuff Purple Queen 40% blend is truly a unique combination of flowers, with high HHC levels and different terpenes. Together, they offer an unparalleled experience.

The CanaPuff Purple Queen 40% blend is an ideal choice for creating soothing ointments or balms. This flower blend, with its impressive concentration of 40% HHC, is infused with terpenes that provide a strong, natural, and vibrant aroma and flavor experience.

HHC, a natural cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, plays a central role in the CanaPuff Purple Queen 40% blend, offering positive effects such as reducing common inflammation, stimulating appetite, promoting restful sleep, relieving nausea, and reducing anxiety.

Additionally, the CanaPuff Purple Queen 40% blend serves as an excellent decorative item in your home or workplace, and it also makes a great gift option.

Please note that HHC is not intended for direct consumption, and the CanaPuff Purple Queen 40% blend is strictly for individuals aged 18 and above. Before making a purchase, we strongly recommend thoroughly reading all available information and instructions regarding the use of this product.

Order the CanaPuff Purple Queen 40% blend now and immerse yourself in the extraordinary experiences offered by nature!