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CanaPuff - ZKITTLES - CBD 95%

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Introducing our new HHC vape cartridges, featuring premium 96% HHC distillate paired with amazing terpene strains for a potent mental and physical buzz. Try the award-winning Zkittles blend for a tropical, fruity flavor that promotes peace, happiness, and restfulness while improving focus. 100% hemp-derived and available in indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties.

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Introducing our new HHC vape pods, among the first to hit the market. This innovative HHC vape pod features premium-quality, 96% HHC distillate combined with unique terpene profiles to deliver a strong and impactful mental and physical experience.


HHC is a brand new hemp-derived compound with effects similar to Delta-9, and Canapuff devices have gained immense popularity with these fantastic terpene flavors. Users can expect a powerful effect and an exceptional experience.


Zkittles is an award-winning, indica-dominant blend. Its tropical fruity taste provides tranquility, happiness, and relaxation. This blend enhances focus and promotes a sense of calmness.


94-96% premium HHC distillate

4-5% terpenes

100% derived from hemp

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid

Experience the quality and flavor of Canapuff’s top-selling CBD vape pods and immerse yourself in the remarkable properties of these highly sought-after terpene flavors.



A pure 95% CBD concentrate extracted safely from hemp and enhanced with ZKITTLES terpenes.

This 510-threaded pod is compatible with any 510-threaded vape pod device.

This product is manufactured in accordance with §5 No. 167/1998, intended for industrial and technical purposes. It is not intended for direct consumption or smoking. The product may naturally lose weight over time. Sale prohibited to individuals under 18 years of age. Keep out of reach of children.