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CanaPuff - REST - CBD 95%

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“Essential oils are often associated with restful qualities, and terpenes myrcene and linalool are renowned for their soothing effect. These are combined with select aromatics to round out the serene calm blend.”

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Introducing our new HHC vape pods, among the first to be available on the market. Our innovative HHC vape pods feature premium-quality, 96% HHC distillate paired with captivating terpene profiles to deliver a strong and effective mental and physical experience.

HHC is a brand-new hemp-derived compound with effects similar to Delta-9, and Canapuff pods have been gaining increasing popularity with these fantastic terpene flavors. Users can expect a potent effect and a unique experience.

In our “Joy” flavor profile, we utilize exotic terpenes such as alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, and limonene. This blend can be enjoyed on its own or complemented with cannabinoids. Its aroma is refreshingly citrusy.

In the “Relaxation” flavor profile, essential oils often associated with soothing effects are combined, with myrcene and linalool renowned for their calming properties. We combine these selected aromas to create a serene blend. Its aroma is earthy and floral.


94-96% premium HHC distillate

4-5% terpenes

100% derived from hemp

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid

Experience the quality and flavor of Canapuff’s most popular CBD vape pods, and enjoy the unique properties of these highly sought-after terpene flavors.

This product is manufactured in accordance with Section 5 of Law No. 167/1998, intended for industrial and technical purposes. It is not intended for direct consumption or smoking. Natural weight loss may occur. Sale prohibited to individuals under 18 years of age. Keep out of reach of children.